I.C.E. Certified Training Instructors

The staff of I.C.E. Training Company has offered instructor development in a variety of areas for well over a decade. Some courses and seminars are purely "development", offering no certification per se. Other programs, such as Combat Focus Shooting, Defensive Firearms Coach and our Reality Based Training Instructor Development Course do offer certification after a candidate has meet testing and performance standards. Some of our programs also have requirements to maintain "Active Status". Those instructors who have been certified to teach any I.C.E. Training Company program should be proudly letting their students and prospective students know. If you have any question about the credentials of an instructor who is claiming association with I.C.E. Training Company or any of our programs, feel free to contact us to confirm their status.

For the most up to date list of Active Status CFS Instructors, you can go directly to www.combatfocusshooting.com. Adjunct instructors teaching on behalf of I.C.E. will be listed on our Course Calendar at this website.

Instructor Certification, Professional Development and Affiliation is something that we control very strictly and we hold those affiliated us to very high standards of performance and professionalism.

If you are interested in being Affiliated with I.C.E., getting certified to teach any of our programs or going through one of our Instructor Development Courses, please see the Courses Calendar for opportunities that fit your schedule or contact me directly with any questions you may have.


-Rob Pincus






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