SARC Instructor Development Course... Cost $0

The School Attacker Response Course gives public school faculty and staff practical alternatives to the "Hide & Hope" strategies that are commonly being recommended in response to any number of attackers in a school (or other perceived "soft target" area, including malls and hospitals).

The seminars last from 2-3 hours and can be taught during or after school hours.

Topics include:
Overview of typical School Attacks
Escape & Evasion
Improvised Defensive Tools
Empowering Others to Act
Unarmed Defense
Group Defense Response

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The SARC Instructor Development Program will thoroughly cover the above topics, teaching methods, course outlines and discussion points for both teachers and children. SARC Instructor Candidates must provide a criminal background check (or proof of current Law Enforcement/Public School Employment), pass a written test (90%) and demonstrate an ability to communicate the course contents in order to be certified as SARC Instructors.

CCall Toll Free 855-INTGRTY (468-4789)

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