Course Eligibility Requirements

I.C.E. Training Company offers courses in a variety of areas and prides itself on customizing courses to fit the students and venue so that attendees get the most out of their time spent with our instructors.

And, of course, custom courses for tactical teams from the military, private security and law enforcement fields designed to prepare personnel for specific missions and operating parameters.

Many courses can conducted at virtually any facility. Click here to learn about how you can host a course!

Please refer to the legend at the bottom of this page or click on the legend numbers to read specific requirements for that course.


2 Day Combat Focus Carbine® or Intuitive Defense Carbine
1 Day Combat Focus® or Intuitive Defense Carbine
3-Day Tactical Counter Ambush
Active Shooter Response
Adv. Weapons Handling & Close Qrtrs Counter Ambush
  • Law Enforcement 7
  • Military 7
  • Security 7, 9
Advanced Executive Protection Tactics

Advanced Pistol Handling

  • General Public 10
  • Law Enforcement 10
  • Military 10
  • Security 10
Advanced Pistol Handling Instructor Development
  • General Public 6
  • Law Enforcement 6
  • Military 6
  • Security 6
Armed Defense Around Vehicles
Combat Focus® or Intuitive Defense Shooting
Combat Focus® or Intuitive Defense Shooting & Adv. Pistol Handling
Combat Focus® or Intuitive Defense Shooting and Combat Focus or or Intuitive Defense Carbine
Combat Focus® or Intuitive Defense Shooting Instructor Development
Combat Focus/PDR Combo Course
Defensive Firearms Coach Certification Course
Eastern Tactical Conference
Extreme Close Quarters Tactics
Foot Pursuit Course
Fundamentals of Combat Focus Shooting
GALEFI Annual Conference
Gander Mountain Academy Dynamic Defensive Handgun course
Guns and Gasoline Special Event
Home Defense Shotgun
Home Defense Tactics
  • General Public 1
  • Security 1
Instructor Development
Introduction to Combat Focus
Fundamentals of Home Defense Handguns
Introduction to Executive Protection
Law Enforcement Training
  • Military 7
  • Security 3, 7
Low Profile Executive Protection Fundamentals
Martial Artists' Firearms Instructor Development Course
Martial Artists' Firearms Training Course
NE Shooter's Summit
New York Law Enforcement Expo
Patrol Officer Survival Course
Practical Precision Rifle
Rangemaster Tactical Conference
S.P.E.A.R. and CFS Fundamentals
SWAT Round Up International
Two Person Armed Defense
Women's Assault Prevention Seminar
  • General Public 4


1 - Must legally own gun at home
2 - Must have concealed carry permit
3 - Must be licensed to be armed while working.
4 - Must be Female
5 - Must have completed CFS & APH Course successfully
6 - Must be Certified CFS/IDS Instructor
7 - Must have appropriate professional assignment
8 - Must be certified CFS/IDS and APH Instructor
9 - Special Permission Required, contact I.C.E. with request and background info.
10- Must have completed CFS or IDS Course


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